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Customer Spotlight: Q&A with Ryan Morgan

Originally Published CS Magazine: May 2017
How were you introduced to Balanced Habits, and why did you decide to work with them?

RM:A member of my fitness mastermind group told us about their program, so I began to do research. We were looking for a better nutrition solution and a structured program that could give our members the support they needed, as well as give our business another revenue stream. After speaking with Balanced Habits numerous times over the phone (and asking a thousand questions), I could tell that they were going to be great to work with and that their program would deliver results. I felt like I would get the support I needed to make it work for my business.

What are the benefits to your business as a result of this partnership?

RM:Our members are finally getting the support they need with nutrition. Instead of just giving advice and hoping that our members will apply the advice, we finally have a structured program that guarantees results. We have always coached nutrition, but results were short term and we never had an option for those who needed more support. Financially, we added over $10,000 in revenue with our first 28-Day KICK START program and since launching the longer term LIFE program, we have added 17 clients and $2,500 per month of recurring revenue. Many of those people are members we already had in our door, and we’re now marketing externally as well.

What are the benefits to your member as a result of this partnership?

RM: Our members are finally getting the support they need. The program is easy to follow and understand and they are not overwhelmed by it. It seems very doable to them and I think that is why it has gotten great results.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Balanced Habits in any way?

RM: They have not only helped with the coaching, but have offered support for marketing and sales as well. This will allow me to cut my costs and time spent designing something on my own–this is something that was not advertised as part of what we get as being a partner, so I feel that they are going above and beyond to help us succeed. They have always been available for phone calls and support of any kind as well, and the Facebook Group has tons of great ideas presented from other partners around the country. It’s a community of support.

What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Balanced Habits?

RM: If you currently aren’t charging for nutrition services you are probably not getting the results you could by charging for it. our clients may say they want free advice, but 90% of the time they will not act on it unless they have some “skin in the game.” It’s a win-win for the business owner–member results, retention, and profits all improve”

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