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Rachel Castor

Business Name: Inner Athlete Fitness Studio, Mill Creek, WA
Business Model:  Inner Athlete provides their clients with a personal trainer service.
Balanced Habits licensee since:  November of 2014
First KICK START: January of 2014

Nutrition program/activity before Balanced Habits:  Before Balanced Habits, Rachel provided her clients’ free monthly nutrition coaching sessions that were included as part of their training package.  She tracked each client’s progress first with pencil and paper and then using a variety of different apps.  The results were far from satisfying though.  

“It was taking up a lot of time and effort and at the end of the day it was costing us more than we were bringing in,” she says.

Rachel admits that when she started her business she didn’t actually think charging for nutrition guidance was an option.  Mainly because she didn’t really have a proven system or product in place that she could sell.  

“When Balanced Habits came along everything changed for us.  It was a program that was backed up by twenty years of evidence that it worked, plus it was backed by science and proven to get results,” she says.  This coupled with the fact that it was a tangible product they could sell, clients understood why they were now charging for nutrition guidance even though they’d previously given it away for free,” she says.

Eleven benefits Inner Athlete Fitness Studio has experienced since becoming a Balanced Habits Licensee. Balanced Habits programs…

1) You instantly become a one-stop solution for clients – Most everybody wants nutritional guidance so it just makes sense to include a nutrition component in every sale.  “It’s so easy to have the Balanced Habits slides right into your sales solutions.  It’s like ‘What are your problems? Here is the solution we’re providing,'” Rachel says.

Since January (of 2014) Rachel has included the LIFE program as a mandatory part of the overall program they offer their clients.  

“We have no problem selling it at $419 and we’ve sold 66 LIFE programs like that.  If they don’t know the value of nutrition before coming to us they definitely leave their first consultation knowing they have to have it,” she says.  Rachel says her closing rate since incorporating Balanced Habits into their offering is 95%.”

2) It’s opened up her business to a whole new target audienceRachel’s initial plan was to offer the TakeDown Challenge KICK START to existing clients only.  I don’t think we were entirely convinced how well that was going to work.  So far we’ve ended up attracting way more people from the outside for the KICK START than we initially thought we would,” she says.  

3) It creates a nutrition profit center within your fitness business – “We have 89 participants right now.  At $219 each that’s $18,000 to $19,000 dollars.  It’s a stand-alone profit center and it’s also been a way to fill our marketing funnel,” she says.

4)  It creates a prospect funnel for your fitness services – As mentioned in the above point, one of the big benefits of the Balanced Habits nutrition programs is it attracts new potential clients to your fitness business.   “We want these people as clients at the end of the day so we can continue helping them and getting them results.  This season’s KICK START just started and so far we’ve converted ten people to full time training clients.  That’s pretty huge for us from a revenue standpoint,” Rachel says.

5) It’s a referral generating machine – When something gets results, people tend to talk about it.  And when people hear about other people’s success, they want to experience similar success.  “It’s an easy thing for our clients to refer their friends and family too particularly the TakeDown Challenge.  We have people who have gotten four or five co-workers to do the challenge.  We have a lot of mothers and daughters, and sisters who sign up for the Challenge together.  They wouldn’t refer their friends and family if they didn’t like it.  It’s really great,” Rachel says.

6) Strengthens your clients bond with you and creates a sense of community amongst your clients.  Rachel has created two private Facebook groups for her clients.  One for the KICK START clients; the other for LIFE program clients.

“Our clients post pictures of the food they make from the recipes.  People love it.  We did a survey at the end of the KICK START last time and we’ll do that again this time and everybody gave a ten all the way down the line about how well they felt supported and how much they learn and how pleased they were with their overall results, “she says.

7) You’ll get repeat business – When something works, people want to experience it again.  “We’ve seen that we’ve had several repeat KICK START participants. They did it in January and they’re doing it again now and they’ll do it again in the fall.” Rachel says.

8) It gives you something to win inactive clients back to your business – As with all business, your fitness business will always have customers who, for whatever reason, fade into the woodwork.  With Balanced Habits programs, you have something to entice them back to your business.  As Rachel says, “People sometimes fall off track.  They go on vacation or just lose sight of their overall fitness and nutrition goals.  Now we have something to reel them back in again. ”

9) You’ll make your initial investment back extremely quickly – Many licensees are finding with Balanced Habits that you’re not buying something, you’re investing in the future livelihood of your business and it comes with an extremely quick Return on Investment.  Rachel says she made her entire investment back within the first week of marketing her first KICK START.  She is confident that “even if someone did the bare minimum in terms of marketing, they would more than break even on their first challenge.” Adding that she doesn’t think that “Balanced Habits’ has had anyone who has not made their investment back the first time.”  Rachel’s right.  Every single licensee has made their initial investment back after their first KICK START.

10 ) Everything is done for you.  Balanced Habits provides a complete turnkey system.  “You just have to basically weigh the people in, do their measurements and input them into the calculator.  It takes no time at all.  Balanced Habits provides all the rest.  You don’t’ have to do any calculating or anything like that.  You meet with clients.  About five to ten minutes per challenger.  It goes super fast.  I have one staff member who’s in charge of it and she can do it all by herself.  It’s very easy,” she says.

11) It gives you a reliable system proven to generate results.  There are many benefits to having systems within your business.  A system provides you with consistent performance and outcomes.  A system allows you to implement constant improvements and reduces the time for new hires to integrate themselves into your business.  When you try to operate without a system, whether it’s hiring new staff or training people, it often results in complete chaos.  As Rachel says… “Why wouldn’t you want to systemize this aspect of your business and actually get paid for your time and your trainer’s time?”

Balanced Habits:  Do you feel that, for fitness businesses, providing nutrition is no longer an option?

Rachel:  You can’t operate in the fitness world without nutrition in this day and age.  Whether you’re dealing with elite athletes or you’re dealing with people who want weight loss or fat loss, it’s the same game.  You’ve got to have nutrition.  It’s absolutely an essential part of your business.  You’re missing out on revenue if you don’t have it so why would you want to leave money on the table?  Most people who don’t have this in place aren’t doing well.

Balanced Habits: How has the customer support been from the Balanced Habits team?

Rachel:  Balanced Habits has been absolutely fantastic to work with.  I’d give them a 10 plus on a scale of 1 to 10. The Balanced Habits staff answers you right away.  They know that you have clients who are waiting to get answers.  For example, at the beginning of the KICK START, we submit all their measurements into the calculator and she gets back to us and approves them. She also types things about certain people who have issues.  It’s totally over the top.  From a marketing standpoint if we need something they’ve been more than supportive in helping us get it.

Balanced Habits: What impact has Balanced Habits had on Inner Athlete Fitness Studio?

Rachel: Balanced Habits has totally changed the face of our business in six months.  It’s allowed us to pay off debt to hire staff that we need and invest in a few things that we needed to move forward.  And it’s not just revenue from the KICK START and the LIFE programs.  I mean who doesn’t want $15,000 to $20,000 three times a year?  But it’s the ability to gain fitness leads from the marketing of this that really pushes the benefits over the top.

Balanced Habits: What’s your advice to someone considering becoming a Balanced Habits licensee?

Rachel:  Don’t even hesitate just go for it.  If you go in with both feet and you’re going to be happy no matter what.  You’re going to get people to do this, you’re going to help your clients more and you’re going to increase your revenue. It’s a win-win.  Ten or eleven years in the fitness industry and I’ve never seen results like this from people.  Our clients are looking amazing and loving it. I wish we would have known about this when we first started our business.  We would have been much further along.

In Summary, Rachel says…

“Balanced Habits is basically a business in a box program that is not expensive to run and doesn’t take a lot of time to do.  It’s going to increase your revenue and quite possibly change the face of your business by adding in another legitimate profit center.  It provides more validity for what we do.  Most other gyms may offer nutritional guidance but what is that?  A piece of paper that tells them to eat chicken and vegetables. Balanced Habits is totally different.  This is so legit.”