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This Club’s Single Most Impactful Partnership

Originally Published 11/8/2016 in Club Solutions Magazine
Written by Rachel Zabonick

Nutrition is an essential component to your member’s health, fitness, and well-being. Without a proper diet they will struggle to see and maintain results and may get frustrated along their wellness journey. To offer a complete nutrition solution for its members, Arena Fitness partnered with Balanced Habits, a highly personalized licensing nutrition program that delivers guaranteed results to members. Here, Jonathan Aluzas, the membership director at Arena Fitness, explains why no partnership has benefited his club more than the one with Balanced Habits.

CS: How were you introduced to Balanced Habits and why did you decide to partner with them?

JA: I was introduced to Carolyn and Paul Fetters and the Balanced Habits program through my affiliation with NPE, a fitness business coaching organization. A number of fitness studio owners I knew in NPE were Balanced Habits licensees and were very positive about their experiences with Balanced Habits. I’m a slow mover when it comes to adopting new programs, so while I was intrigued by their feedback, I was also very skeptical and cautious, so I took a long-term approach to researching it and really dug in to do proper due diligence.

In the course of my research, I was discovering that virtually every licensee had nothing but rave reviews to offer. Interestingly, this served to increase my skepticism, not diminish it. So, at a conference at which there were a number of Balanced Habits licensees, I took some time to press several of them for detailed information and I came away with nothing but universal praise for the system. There was simply too much data at that point for me to continue to avoid signing on. Every person I spoke to had nothing but praise for Balanced Habits.

At that point, I knew I could no longer dismiss the feedback or ignore the opportunity. The upside seemed too significant to pass up, so in June of 2015, we signed on as a licensee.

CS: What benefit has this partnership brought to your business?

JA: Our association with Balanced Habits has been the single most impactful partnership in the history of our company. Put simply, it solved the nutrition component. It allowed us to have a science-based, effective, easy-to-follow nutrition program that is scalable to hundreds of people while remaining simple to implement and maintain.

Prior to our partnership with Balanced Habits, nutrition was the missing link, our Achilles heel. We had tried other solutions, but none of them were scalable, easy to implement and effective all at once, so we abandoned them. We even tried, unsuccessfully, to create our own nutrition system. No go. Balanced Habits was a turn-key home run right out of the gate.

From a revenue perspective, Balanced Habits has been incredibly lucrative. We generated about $70,000 in revenue in our first full year of implementation and expect that to increase year over year as we become more adept and experienced at marketing and implementing it.

And, on the results side of things, Balanced Habits has been a great boost to our marketing. Now that our clients are getting amazing results we have been able to collect tons of social proof we can present as valid and truthful success stories. Balanced Habits is a social proof machine.

CS: What benefit has this partnership brought to your members?

JA: Balanced Habits has enabled us to provide a solid, fad-free nutrition system that generates amazing results for our members. Nutrition is the key component to achieving the results most commonly desired by the general public; weight loss, body fat reduction and maintenance or addition of lean muscle. Our training systems have always been incredibly effective, but now that we couple them with Balanced Habits, people are getting the performance and cosmetic changes they really want.

Our members who participate in the Balanced Habits programs are much, much more successful at losing weight, dropping fat and inches, and adding lean muscle than those who don’t participate.

CS: How have you successfully implemented Balanced Habits at your club (keys to success)?

JA: We set the stage by presenting education about the critical role that nutrition plays in weight loss and muscle gain. Most people don’t understand that nutrition is the biggest factor in changing your physique, so by creating awareness of that reality, we open the door to providing a solution.

Our entire staff is knowledgeable about the program and encouraged to participate in it. We allow them to jump into the 28 Day Challenge and invite them to undertake the ongoing lifestyle coaching program. By immersing them in the product and allowing them to experience the results firsthand, they become raving fans of the program and promote it vigorously.

We promote it through all channels; internally to active clients, on private and public business Facebook pages, on all other social media channels, on our website, in blogs, through nurture emails, everything. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting the programs.

Additionally, the Balanced Habits team provide guidance and helpful tools for marketing and implementation.

CS: What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Balanced Habits?

JA: Everyone in the Balanced Habits family is amazing to work with, from the ownership to the management, to the other licensees. Everyone helps everyone, there’s a constant and ongoing conversation among everyone involved about how to improve delivery of the product. Questions never go unanswered, and the company goes to any length to ensure your success. Even the other licensees will stop at nothing to help you out, and that’s just not something you see very often.

My recommendation is to take the time to research Balanced Habits. Dig deep, ask questions, interview licensees. If you’re in the market for a nutrition system you should, at the very least, include Balanced Habits on your short list of contenders. I truly believe this to be the best system of its kind available and that every fitness studio can benefit greatly by implementing it.

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