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Why can’t I create a nutrition program myself instead of partnering with Balanced Habits?

Many of our current partners have tried creating their own program before coming to us. It has taken us years to create an easy-to-implement, profitable nutrition system that delivers incredible results for clients. Over a 24-year period, we perfected the program in our own gyms in Southern California before offering it to other gym owners. We have condensed three decades of hands-on experience with solid science to develop the best nutrition program in the industry and developed unique and proprietary technology based on a scalable algorithm.  Through this we are able to customize our programs to each individual, no matter what their goal. More importantly, you are not just benefiting from our expertise and proprietary technology. By partnering with us, you gain the credibility of a brand that has transformed nearly 100,000 lives. Lastly, we don’t just give a “nutrition program”, we give you a business – we spend enormous resources to market the program so that you can focus on doing what you do best – train your clients.

I already give nutrition advice to my clients. Why do I need Balanced Habits?

Neither you, nor your clients benefit from you offering free advice.

Giving away advice and guidance does not allow for accountability nor adherence to a structured and supported program, like the Balanced Habits programs.  Guidance  is not a system that can be monetized and turned into a consistent profit center.

Many Fitness Business owners have enough of a background in nutrition to give guidance and support to their clients but what they are finding is that they simply lack enough time and there is no true system in place that can be replicated.  They end up handwriting nutrition guidance for their clients and not monetizing this service; so essentially they are working for free.  They didn’t open their business to be nutrition experts and they are not finding the time nor ability to scale their information into a profit center.

How much additional revenue can I generate with Balanced Habits?

Based on historic numbers and track record with our partners, we can estimate how much additional revenue you will generate by becoming a balanced habits partner.

What we are seeing is our gym partners increasing their annual revenues as much as 50% by adding in the Balanced Habits programs. Our partners are seeing straight profit starting with their very first KICK START program. By adding Balanced Habits, you are adding a new profit center, not simply a service up-sell. The revenue is considerable and consistent across different business models.

Are the BH programs based on supplements?

We take a whole-foods approach to nutrition.  If you sell a supplement line, having the Balanced Habits programs will help you sell more. We have many options of protein smoothie recipes and make room for meal replacement bars in a busy person’s day, but leave the actual products up to you.

What does it cost to be a Balanced Habits Licensee?

We have multiple tiers of our agreement to support different business models and phases in your business. There is a one-time, up-front investment for Balanced Habits to bring your facility on board and set you up to be certified and successful.

A monthly license fee is due for ongoing business development coaching, nutrition content, client support coaching, new material for your programs you’re currently selling, and much more content that Balanced Habits continuously provides.

All fees are dependent on the agreement you enter into, which is discussed on a presentation with our New Licensee Success team. To schedule a consultation to learn about the investment, please fill out our partner application here.

How many people can get certified for the initial investment?

Dependent upon the tier of your agreement, a set number of Food Coaches may be certified at no charge. For additional people, we charge a small fee to get them certified through our Balanced Habits team and receive ongoing coaching.


How do I get trained to sell the Balanced Habits programs? Is it in-person, or can I do it remotely?

We have an online portal for all of our lessons, tools, resources and support material.  Each program has its own set of lessons, lesson quizzes and certification examination once completed.  

For our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Licensees, the Balanced Habits Certification is accredited with NASM and AFAA for CEU units.

The entire training for Tier 1 is approximately 8 hours and for a Tier 2/3 the training is approximately 16 hours to complete.

What is the nutrition program based on; what is your nutrition philosophy?

We take a science-based approach to our programs, using macronutrients to support each participant per meal and ultimately per day. We give people a true sense of proper portions of whole foods that will take them to their unique goal. With macronutrients as the guideline, the options are limitless when working with your customers.

What does the customer actually get?

Each participant, on either program, receives a 3-ring binder and daily accountability journal.  The binders are created by Balanced Habits and provided to you via our marketing department.  Although the binder information is consistent, the Balanced Habits team provides the customization based on specific metrics collected from the end user.  Therefore, each program is unique to the individual.

Does the program work for people with dietary restrictions – gluten-free, vegan, etc.?

Although the program is not geared to specific dietary guidelines, we have the tools to support anyone who has specific requirements.  We understand our limitations per each state with regard to what we legally are able to offer nutrition clients, so both programs rely on many options, suggestions and guidelines based on preferences, which is what allows anyone to be successful on the Balanced Habits programs.

Is there on-going training or is it a one-time training and we’re on our own?

The Balanced Habits team offers very structured and guided coaching on both programs, life skills coaching, nutrition coaching, and additional on-going training to keep our Food Coaches up-to-date and informed.

How long is the contract?

The Initial contract is a 12 month term with an uninterrupted renewal process unless instructed otherwise.

Is the KICK START program a computer generated program; a recycled program; same program three times per year?

The Balanced Habits KICK START is offered 3 times per year and is always a new program.  We create and write new recipes each time to reflect the season and the types of food available. The KICK START program is customized to each participant, even if they’ve participated multiple times.

How long is the Balanced Habits LIFE program? When can I offer it to clients?

Balanced Habits LIFE is sold as a 3, 6, or 12-month term, depending on what the end user needs program to ensure they are able to create true and sustainable change and overall lifestyle improvement. We have content to support not only our Balanced Habits Food Coaches, but also the end users for all three term lengths.

You can offer the LIFE program year-round.

What do you provide for marketing?

Balanced Habits offers a full marketing suite of options for you to choose from.  Inbound marketing options include landing pages, videos, social media posts, content pieces and email campaigns.  We also offer publication and newspaper ads, press releases, direct mail, door hangers, indoor & outdoor displays, brochures, flyers, banners, posters. Additionally, there are referral program pieces (postcards and business cards).  All of our marketing pieces are fully customizable for co-branding your facility, positioning you as the transformation expert in your community.


How is the program customized to each individual?

Through our proprietary software, based on body type, level of daily exercise and specific client goals, we create the perfect program tailored to each individual. We care about the type of weight each client is losing and continually monitor their progress to ensure they are on track and safely reaching their targets.  We utilize ten different metrics to determine the proper amount of macronutrients per day and per meal for each and every end user.

Can I run a KICK START whenever I want to?

All of our Licensees start their KICK START on roughly the same day and run at the same across the US and Canada. The KICK START is strategically offered in January, May and September. Because each KICK START is a totally new version, we market to this and create urgency and scarcity within our communities.  There are thousands of participants on the KICK START at the same time, which is empowering and exciting for the participants.

What do you provide for us in terms of technology?

This is likely the most integral piece of the business opportunity.  We rely on our proprietary algorithm and the metrics collected per individual to ensure we are creating a program that is truly customized.  This technology piece is capable of storing critical data, updating progress, setting new goals, and printing out reports complete with before/after images.  This technology will take the place of anything you are currently relying on as it is extremely comprehensive.

Do you have plans to continue to build, grow and improve the programs?

The Balanced Habits team is continually growing and adding updates to our programs to keep things relevant with the times, new scientific data and emerging nutrition information.  We have immediate plans to develop protocol for children’s nutrition guidance, competitive fitness athletes, and more specific dietary guidelines that we are being asked to address on a deeper level.  We work extremely hard to be as relevant and up-to-date as we need to be to support our Authorized Partners.