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Stop hand-writing nutrition plans for your customers individually.  Let Balanced Habits Turn-Key Nutrition System handle the legwork so you can be the hero of your customers’ transformation.


Balanced Habits Turn-Key Nutrition System is easy to implement so you can start making revenues from day one. Scale easily to reach more customers as you steadily increase your revenue.


When your customers have great results, other people will notice and ask what their secret is…leading to more word of mouth referrals and a happier customer who stays with you as their goals change.


With Balanced Habits BOOST, our Lead Generation System, you can introduce your nutrition program to a wider audience, who may not have thought of looking at a gym to help them with their nutritional goals.

Attract New Leads

On average, 25% of Balanced Habits’ nutrition program participants convert into new customers for you.

Higher Retention

On average, Authorized Licensees have reported 50% or higher customer retention due to better results.

Profit Center

We turn nutrition into a whole new revenue stream for you in addition to your core business.


Do you sell food?

Do you sell supplements?

Do you make meals for people?

None of those things explain Balanced Habits.

Do we fit in within the Fitness Industry or the Diet Industry or the Nutrition Industry?  Well, kinda…

Balanced Habits is really a hybrid of several things, but to the core, we educate people how to eat real food. Hence the trademarked word:  FÜducation™

When we set out to support Fitness business owners and their staff to be experts, we gave them a name too. We call those fine folks: Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches. 

Seems like we’re in good shape.  We have our own Industry called FÜducation ™, we have our own kind of ambassadors of our FÜducation,™ who are Food Coaches, and we are changing communities all across the USA and Canada.

Want to join our mission? We are the “disruptors” of the diet industry! (think Uber disrupting taxi industry)

Why should you care? Because someone has to.  Someone has to be the change our communities need. In August of 2017, the NY Times reported that 71% of the population is considered overweight or obese.

Who’s going to save these people? The Health Industry (drugs)? The Diet Industry (diets)? The Nutrition Industry (supplements)?

No, no and no.

We are. Through Balanced Habits ’ Industry of FÜducation 

Scalable Options

We’ve listened to our customers and want to help you succeed.  That’s why we’ve created Balanced Habits to operate as a profit center or another department within your facility, just like your retail offerings and supplements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

As a program, it develops community and social support.  It's exactly what customers want when it comes to results, a social proof machine, and a great revenue generator. If you're in the market for a nutrition system you should, at the very least, include Balanced Habits on your short list of contenders. I truly believe this to be the best system of its kind available and that every fitness studio can benefit greatly by implementing it."

Jonathan Aluzas

Arena Fitness

This program is the best nutrition program out there and my members love it. They love the flexibility of it, the ease of understanding the program and the accountability we provide as food coaches. We all know that nutrition and fitness go hand and hand — this is a way for fitness clubs to bring the nutrition piece to their members.

Lisa Holtan

Body Works

If you currently aren’t charging for nutrition services you are probably not getting the results you could by charging for it. our clients may say they want free advice, but 90% of the time they will not act on it unless they have some “skin in the game.” It’s a win-win for the business owner–member results, retention and profits all improve

Ryan Morgan

Pursuit Fitness

Balanced Habits is a "done for you" nutrition system that comes with a support team who will answer your questions day and night. I'm proof that their system works. I've never had an unsuccessful TakeDown Challenge. I've always hit my numbers. I've always converted clients to the LIFE program which has given me additional revenue. It's been a real blessing and a real turning point for my business.

Marissa Herring

Garage Mama Fitness & Trinity Sports Performance

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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I create a nutrition program myself instead of partnering with Balanced Habits?

Many of our current partners have tried creating their own program before coming to us. It has taken us years to create an easy-to-implement, profitable nutrition system that delivers incredible results for clients. Over a 23-year period, we perfected the program in our own gyms in Southern California before offering it to other gym owners. We have condensed three decades of hands-on experience with solid science to develop the best nutrition program in the industry. We have also developed unique and proprietary technology based on a scalable algorithm.  Through this we are able to customize our programs to each individual, no matter what their goal. More importantly, you are not just benefiting from our expertise and proprietary technology. By partnering with us, you gain the credibility of a brand that has transformed more than 75,000 lives (and that number grows every single day). Lastly, we don’t just give a “nutrition program”, we give you a business – we spend enormous resources to market the program so that you can focus on doing what you do best – train your clients.

I already give nutrition advice to my clients. Why do I need Balanced Habits?

Neither you, nor your clients benefit from you offering free advice.

Giving away advice and guidance does not allow for accountability nor adherence to a structured and supported program, like the Balanced Habits programs.  Guidance does not tend to be a system that can be monetized and turned into a consistent profit center.There is very little legitimacy with just giving away advice.

Many Fitness Business owners have enough of a background in nutrition to give guidance and support to their clients but what they are finding is that they simply lack enough time and there is no true system in place that can be replicated.  They end up hand-writing nutrition guidance for their clients and not monetizing this service; so essentially they are working for free.  They didn’t open their business to be nutrition experts and they are not finding the time nor ability to scale their information into a profit center. 

How much additional revenue can I generate with Balanced Habits?

Based on historic numbers and track record with our partners, we can estimate how much additional revenue you will generate by becoming a balanced habits partner.

What we are seeing is our gym partners increasing their annual revenues as much as 50% by adding in the Balanced Habits programs. Our partners are seeing straight profit starting with their very first KICK START program (previously known as The TakeDown Challenge). By adding Balanced Habits, you are adding a new profit center, not simply a service up-sell. The revenue is considerable and consistent across different business models.

To discover what your revenue potential could be, take this short quiz..

Do I have to come to the Balanced Habits Headquarters in California for the certification training?

No, we will mail you your training manuals and we direct you to certify remotely using the lessons from our online portal that has audio/visual recordings to support the training. We guide you every step of the way.

What is the nutrition program based on; what is your nutrition philosophy?

We take a science-based approach to our programs, using macronutrients to support each participant per meal and ultimately per day. We give people a true sense of proper portions of whole foods that will take them to their unique goal. With macronutrients as the guideline, the options are limitless when working with your customers.

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