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LIFTOFF your customer results and your business growth with Balanced Habits Nutrition Coaching Profit Center.
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"I truly believe this to be the best system of its kind available and that every fitness studio can benefit greatly by implementing it."


Jonathan Aluzas

Arena Fitness

"I feel I have more brand loyalty now than before I used Balanced Habits"


Sharleen Froats

Evolution Athletics

"It's a win-win for the business owner-member results, retention and profit all improve."


Ryan Morgan

Pursuit Fitness

"The 6-month LIFE curriculum has been a huge hit with our coaches and clients because it really establishes providing that life long solution everyone is looking for."


Rachel Gaffney

Inner Athlete

"Balanced Habits has been a real blessing and real turning point for my business."


Marissa Herring

Garage Mama Fitness & Trinity Sports Performance

See how Balanced Habits can help your business grow

Retain More Customers

Have you lost customers simply because they are not having their needs met? Among countless other assets, our authorized licensees have the support of our proprietary reporting software that creates reports that show true progress with body composition. Having the ability to demonstrate progress goes along way with client loyalty.

Attract New Leads

Balanced Habits works to ensure your success by providing all our licensees with the marketing materials needed to succeed. BOOST is a great lead gen tool to add to an on-ramping program, adding a non-customized nutrition component that will help close the sale. Many BH Licensees use the BOOST program with trial offers all throughout the year, adding value to the offer and upsell to the next customized nutrition program.

Grow Your Gym

Experts agree that 80% of your customers’ results depend on nutrition. Balanced Habits has created the best solution. PERIOD. Our licensees have reported making 3x their investment back (or more) with their very first KICK START as well as creating consistent monthly revenue as they ascend to higher tiers.

Discover how Balanced Habits has helped fitness clubs like yours make over $10 Million in revenue.

What makes Balanced Habits different?

When it comes to growing and developing your business, many fitness business professionals simply don’t know what is available.  Balanced Habits Nutrition Coaching Profit Center helps fitness facilities become 100% of the solution for their customer’s health and wellness needs. Since its inception in 2012, Balanced Habits is the only Nutrition Coaching Certification and Licensing company of it’s kind.

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We understand the challenges of running a fitness facility, we’ve done so ourselves. When you offer the one thing your customers have tried endless times before with little success and give them the solution they’ve been looking for, your customers are transformed not only in body composition but into brand evangelists.

The great thing about the fitness industry is that when people get results, others see and ask “what’s your secret?”  Your customers will only be too happy to receive the compliment and spill all the “secrets” of how your gym helped them reach their goals.  And that kind of sales force speaks a message that you just can’t buy.

Balanced Habits Coaching Certification & Licensing was founded by Carolyn Fetters, after successfully building a multi-location gym with her husband Paul.  Part of their success was attributed to the AMS Nutrition Program that they offered in conjunction with a fitness routine.  The results that their clients got were amazing and allowed Carolyn & Paul to take their home-based personal training studio and grow to a 3 location gym in Southern California rapidly.  Carolyn is the author of several cookbooks and the Balanced Habits programs, while Paul has developed the PushFitness System™ and been a competitive bodybuilder for 5 decades!

With a Balanced Habits Nutrition Coaching Certification License, you will have access to the world’s leading body transformation program available today.  Your customers will love the ease of the program and the ability to take it at their own pace, while your staff will have no problem informing and selling with our comprehensive training and support systems to ensure your success.

Fitness customers want results, plain and simple.  Balanced Habits programs give them the Füducation™ that they should have received but that your competition doesn’t offer.  Find new clients and give your current customers the results they have been looking for with Balanced Habits Nutrition Coaching Certification.


What do you get with a Balanced Habits Partnership?

  • A Scalable Turn-Key Nutrition Coaching Program to generate revenue immediately
  • A tangible product for each customer
  • 12-month Marketing Cycle, ensuring success
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls with our Lead Nutritionist
  • Access to direct communication with our sales & marketing teams
  • Remote Certification**
  • A community of support through our two private Facebook Groups (Certified Food Coaches & Club Management)
  • Exclusive Access to Balanced Habits growing library of training and support assets
**On-Site Certification Available for Qualified Teams