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Your Customers Will Benefit From This Simple Nutrition Solution

Balanced Habits has created the best nutrition solution in the industry. Your customers results depend on nutrition, learn how our proven nutrition solution helps you so you can truly serve your customers while growing your business. “It’s a win-win for the business owner–member results, retention, and profits all improve” Ryan Morgan-Pursuit Fitness

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Creating Your Own Nutrition Program

Previously Recorded: September 13, 2018

As a health club operator, you’re familiar with the saying, “You can’t outwork a bad diet.” As a result, it’s vital for your members to practice proper nutrition, and this is something your club can provide guidance on. But, what exactly goes into creating your own nutrition program?

During this webinar, registrants learned:

•    What you’d need to master to make it a reality.
•    Understanding what your customers need/want.
•    How to scale your program to the masses.
•    Learning what it takes to customize a program.
•    Lifestyle plans vs. Quickfix plans.
•    Technology and the role it plays.
•    Teaching your staff to service, counsel and support your customers.
•    How to not make mistakes as you roll it out.
•    Legal compliancy in your state (avoiding audits).

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New Leads

On average, 25% of Balanced Habits’ nutrition program participants convert into new customers for you.

Higher Retention

On average Authorized Licensees have reported 50% or higher customer retention due to better results.

Additional Revenue

We turn nutrition into a whole new revenue stream for you in addition to your core business.

Partner Reviews

When you succeed, we succeed

“If you’re in the market for a nutrition system you should, at the very least, include Balanced Habits on your short list of contenders. I truly believe this to be the best system of its kind available and that every fitness studio can benefit greatly by implementing it.”

Jonathan Aluzas

Arena Fitness

“Balanced Habits has totally changed the face of our business in six months. It’s allowed us to pay off debt to hire staff that we need and invest in a few things that we needed to move forward. I mean who doesn’t want $15,000 to $20,000 three times a year? (referring to the Balanced Habits KICK START) And it’s not just revenue, it’s the ability to gain fitness leads from the marketing of this that really pushes the benefits over the top”

Rachel Castor

Inner Athlete

“This program is the best nutrition program out there and my members love it. They love the flexibility of it, the ease of understanding the program and the accountability we provide as food coaches. We all know that nutrition and fitness go hand and hand — this is a way for fitness clubs to bring the nutrition piece to their members.”

Lisa Holtan

Body Works

“You cannot have fitness without nutrition. You are doing a disservice to your clients. Balanced Habits is a ‘done for you’ nutrition system that comes with a support team who will answer your questions day and night. I’m proof that their system works. I’ve never had an unsuccessful KICK START. I’ve always hit my numbers, I’ve always converted clients to the LIFE program which has given me additional revenue. It’s been a real turning point for my business. ”

Marissa Herring

Garage Mama Fitness & Trinity Sport Performance