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We suggest to all our Authorized Partner Locations that they consider including a few cardio opportunities during the KICK START Program. This gets your participants more active, while also exposing them to the full breadth of your services and staff. As a result, those participants develop a more meaningful relationship with them.

So what happens during these opportunities you can’t buy.

Spending 45-60 minutes on a power walk is like getting access to a new prospective client and giving them access to get to know, like & trust YOU!

When Paul and I owned our gyms, we offered weekly hikes, power walks, boot camps, and during one KICK START back in 2014, we even played Dodge Ball & Bubble Soccer!

What happened during this experience that stood out to me, was that despite our first hike being in the rain people still showed up, and when they did we splashed in puddles and laughed like kids. The same thing happened at Bubble Soccer and again we laughed like little kids.  What I realized was that we had captured something no ad every could which was trust and a genuine shared experience.

Part of the benefit of the KICK START Program is building relationship & camaraderie with other human beings participating together and working toward a common goal.

There are tons of programs and “challenges” out there that offer a nutrition component along with their fitness component, but very few of them are team building programs at the same time.

Consider doing something that brings out the inner child that we all still have inside.

Exercise is great for your heart.
Eating is great for your health.
But laughing is great for your soul!