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Sharleen Froats

Business Name: Crossfit Moose Jaw/Evolution Athletics
Business Model:  Large group personal training with CrossFit classes and Olympic Weightlifting. She also offers one-on-one private training and semi-private training.
Balanced Habits licensee since:  March of 2014
First KICK START: May of 2014

Target audience:  Sharleen’s clients, who generally range in age from 25 to 45 years old, are “typically former athletes; people that are looking for variety, intensity, community… those types of things.”  She says that her clients tend not to need a lot of help when it comes to nutrition and has been using Balanced Habits to take their nutrition awareness “to the next level.”

Nutrition program/activity before Balanced Habits:  Prior to Balanced Habits, Sharleen had used an online program a couple of times which she says offered “less choice, fewer options and it was more restrictive and it didn’t address macro balances.  According to Sharleen, “It was also a lot of work for very little revenue.  I think $1,500 would be generous for one challenge.”

When it comes to nutrition, Crossfit gyms generally prescribe to the Paleo Diet.  Sharleen says that “with Balanced Habits, we’ve had much more dramatic results and it’s more sustainable.  The Paleo Diet way of eating is trickier to navigate in regular life.  There was a problem with long-term sustainability compared to the Balanced Habits programs.”

Six benefits Crossfit Moose Jaw has experienced since becoming a Balanced Habits Licensee and started using Balanced Habits programs. 

1) Have expanded her clientele beyond Sharleen’s primary target audience  Offering the Balanced Habit programs has helped Sharleen expand awareness of her facility in the community.   “We now get a lot of outside interest from people who aren’t necessarily actively looking for our fitness services, but become aware of us through nutrition,” she says.

2) Generate word of mouth marketing – Because of the word of mouth marketing that the Balanced Habits programs generate, Sharleen has not had to resort to paid advertising to promote the Balanced Habits Nutrition Programs.

3) Have been the catalyst in forging new business relationships – Sharleen says that Balanced Habits has been the “primary reason behind the forging of new business relationships more than the fitness side of the business.”   A local fitness boot camp business (Sharleen does not offer boot camps) has aligned with her business so they can offer nutrition to their clients.   Plus she was able to get a local cafe and bakery to offer KICK START items on their menu. They also provide her with free marketing space.

4) Create sales funnel for new fitness clients – Sharleen says that currently, about 10% of the people who sign up for one of the Balanced Habits Nutrition Programs have also become fitness clients.

5) Systemize nutrition which saves you time, effort and money – “One of the biggest things about Balanced Habits is that it’s so systemized.  It frees up so much of your time and they keep you on track and pace.  The dates are set.  You never have to push things.  You never have to create anything.  Everything is done for you.  All of the email copy.  All of the templates, the advertising materials, everything is created for you,” she says.

6) Allows you to provide nutrition to 50+ people at the same time – Sharleen loves that the KICK START makes it easy to help people eat right in a group format versus the one-on-one nutrition coaching.  “It takes a lot of pressure off of the owner and off the service person to be able to deliver to a large number of people without a whole bunch of extra work,” she says.

So how have her clients reacted to the Balanced Habits programs?  

While most people have a degree of skepticism going at the start “typically by the end of the first week they are blown away by the results that these really targeted changes have made.”

One of the reasons she attributes to the success of Balanced Habits within Crossfit Moose Jaw is the ongoing support she’s received from the Balanced Habits staff…

“They are outstanding.  I seriously don’t know how they do it.  They work so hard.  It’s amazing.  Balanced Habits is responsive on Facebook and email.  They responds to all of the submissions that go into the calculator almost immediately.  They really go above and beyond,” Sharleen says.

The overall impact Balanced Habits has had on Crossfit Moose Jaw:

Being able to offer the Balanced Habits nutrition programs has given her an edge over her competition.
“We’re the only fitness facility in town that pairs nutrition programming with every single one of our fitness programs,” she says.  

But beyond that, it’s really stabilized her business….

“The additional revenue from Balanced Habits has let me build a team that has allowed me greater freedom from the day-to-day operations of my business.  I now employ seven coaches and staff.  It feels great to be able to provide fitness career opportunities to others,” she says.

Plus the extra attention to nutrition has dramatically improved client results.  And because of the added trust that’s been built, they are more loyal to her business.

“I feel I have more brand loyalty now than before I used Balanced Habits.  This equates to both higher revenue, as they spend more with me, and longer client lifecycles,” she says.

For anyone considering Balanced Habits, Sharleen says viewing it as a cost is the wrong way to look at it…

“It’s not an expense.  It’s an investment.  They work really hard to ensure you can recoup your initial investment with even just one KICK START.  The return is really fast and you’re making money right away after that.  For me, it’s a total no-brainer.  It’s such a quick return.”