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Business Name: Garage Mama Fitness & Trinity Sport Performance
Location: Orlando, Fl
Business Model: Semi-private, smaller boot camps & sports training, majority of clients are women
BH Licensee Since: May 2014
First KICK START: September 2014

Nutrition Program/activity prior to Balanced Habits: Marissa used to offer her clients a nutrition plan
that she designed herself where she was doing everything by hand. She found it very labor-intensive.

Six Benefits facility has experienced since becoming a Balanced Habits Licensee:

  1. Saves Time: Previously Marissa’s nutrition plan was something she delivered to people one-by-one. She loves the fact that with the KICK START, you can train people in a group format.  It takes less time and is much more profitable.
  2. Help Entire Families: Marissa says that the Balanced Habits information and methodology has really opened up the eyes of her clients when it comes to nutrition. They realize that eating in a way that sheds pounds is not about restricting themselves and it can even be fun. She says it’s a great feeling when a mother tells her that, because of what they’ve learned, their kids are now eating healthy too.
  3. Save Money on Advertising: Balanced Habits programs have a way of creating buzz within communities. Because of that, Marissa doesn’t have to advertise as much. “Once somebody joins the KICK START, they tell their friends for the next one. 70% of the people who sign up come from in-house word of mouth,” she says.
  4. Will have local businesses eager to partner with you:  Marissa has partnered with a local restaurant that serves healthier food and the local grocery store. She offers her clients special discounts at their businesses and they promote her business in the form of free marketing space.
  5. Gives you an edge over your competition: Offering something that other fitness businesses do not is a huge differentiator.  “Other gyms don’t offer anything close to what we do when it comes to nutrition. They don’t even give you a meal plan. It’s like come in, work out and leave. I’ve had people who work with other trainers come to me just for nutrition and then they switch over to me for their training as well.” Marissa says.
  6. Boosts client retention: Marissa notes that many fitness businesses struggle “because people work out, they don’t get results and then they leave.” When you add nutrition into the mix, they will see results faster and they’ll stay your customer for much longer. Marissa adds that “your business is based upon those clients walking out on the street and looking good and feeling great and talking about you. Nutrition is the main component. If you don’t get them feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside, then that’s where your business struggles.  That’s why they go to other gyms.”


BH: What has adding a systemized nutrition program meant to your business?
Marissa: When people first come to my gym, they tell me that they don’t know how to eat healthy.Then they tell me they have no energy to workout. So I tell them that we need to get their body moving, but their body is not going to move until they start eating right. For me, it’s not necessarily about weight loss, but more about getting healthy. It’s been really fun to watch the transformation people go through.

BH: What overall impact has Balanced Habits had on your business?
As well as being a source of revenue, Balanced Habits has helped with the upsell of new fitness clients. I’ve been having my best months ever revenue-wise. The additional revenue has allowed me to pay off debt and upgrade programs I use to run my facility. The benefit of the additional income is that it brings peace of mind. I know that every time I run any of the Balanced Habits programs, my revenue increases and the bills get paid. It continues to increase my client retention and increase my “word of mouth” marketing. FREE advertising is always a PLUS.

BH: What would you say to a fitness business owner considering Balanced Habits?
You cannot have fitness without nutrition. You are doing a disservice to your clients. Fitness
and nutrition are a marriage, they go hand in hand. Balanced Habits is a “done for you” nutrition system
that comes with a support team who will answer your questions day and night. I’m proof that their
system works. I’ve never had an unsuccessful KICK START. I’ve always hit my numbers. I’ve
always converted clients to the LIFE program which has given me additional revenue. It’s been a
real blessing and a real turning point for my business.

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