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I am sure that I am not alone in finding it a bit tough to keep my head in the game right now as the holidays are upon us. It is easy to get distracted and schedules are more open for many of our customers and our own families.

This is the time of year your customers will come in and you’ll hear the excuse “I’m not feeling/doing/with it right now” and will want to take a “break” over the holidays from eating right and exercising.  Hmmmm…In my years as a gym owner I heard this countless times, and it never went over well.

What I did to dissuade them from taking time off from their health goals was to compare it to work.  Because it’s the holidays, do I get to stop working and there will be no consequence? Doing the right thing takes effort and diligence.

If you want to apply that to eating right or putting in your working hours, same outcome.  There is a payoff!

Anything in life that is worth having takes effort. Relationships. projects, health/fitness, growth, etc. Nothing just happens unless we create it or work for it. That’s pretty great too! That means we are the masters of our universe.

I plan to master my universe in the most focused way that I can muster these next few weeks so that when life gets back on track I am ready for it.

Instead of taking time off from doing the right thing, I plan to slightly alter the percentage of compliance. I’ll stay on track, and I’ll enjoy myself at the same time. No harm done. No mountain to climb later.

M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N IS KEY! That’s what I’m calling it, the Balanced Habits Universe of Moderation!

What is your universe called?