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Creating Your Own Nutrition Program

As a health club operator, you’re familiar with the saying, “You can’t outwork a bad diet.” As a result, it’s vital for your members to practice proper nutrition, and this is something your club can provide guidance on. But, what exactly goes into creating your own nutrition program?

During this webinar, we covered:

•    What you’d need to master to make it a reality.
•    Understanding what your customers need/want.
•    How to scale your program to the masses.
•    Learning what it takes to customize a program.
•    Lifestyle plans vs. Quickfix plans.
•    Technology and the role it plays.
•    Teaching your staff to service, counsel and support your customers.
•    How to not make mistakes as you roll it out.
•    Legal compliancy in your state (avoiding audits).

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“19 things to consider before creating your own nutrition program.”