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Does it matter if you offer only fitness options in your business model?

Good question.

100% of the population is tuned into one radio station: WCYDFM
What Can You Do For Me?

Your customer needs more than just exercise.

Initially, fitness gets results, but at 3 hours per week, results are limited.  What your customer does during the other 165 hours each week is important too. Especially when it comes to fueling their bodies.

Simply put: Fitness is important, nutrition is imperative.

Focusing on just one aspect is missing an opportunity…and you will lose clients.

Many fitness businesses sell a product line; a version of nutrition.

While the revenue is alluring, what happens when the client decides that they can’t afford it any longer, or worse yet, your services?

Don’t set yourself up for failure.

How are you educating your customers about nutrition? AND are you making a profit from it?

How much valuable time to you spend creating individual nutrition plans?  Or do you do the opposite and just hand everyone some pre-formulated meal plan that may or may not work for them in order to save time? What if there was a better way?

What if you could systematize your nutrition programs in an easy and scaleable way?

The question becomes: do you have a system that runs efficiently making you money or a service that takes up a bunch of time with little payoff?

Getting nutrition certifications is extremely valuable, but not likely to deliver a system that turns a profit.

People don’t buy information, they buy transformation.

  • 9/10 people come to you to lose weight
  • how are you going to help them?
  • how can you help them and make a profit?

Before you spend any money, consider if you want a Nutrition Business-a niche if you will-or a nutrition product line.

There is a difference.

What will get your clients lasting results, so they stay? What will set you apart from your competition allowing you to create a unique selling proposition?

Listen to Balanced Habits Director of Sales, Paul Fetters, as he explains the benefit of having a nutrition system in place, instead of a product line.